How to Apply

Please take the time to think about and explain in your application how your proposed use of funds will have a broad and sustainable impact in improving the educational experience of our children. Furthermore, we ask that your post-grant evaluation also addresses this core mission of our Foundation.

  1. Applicants should first discuss their grant proposal idea with their principal to get support for their proposal. Only Moorestown Township Public School district staff may apply for grants from the Moorestown Education Foundation.
  2. Applicants must clearly and thoroughly complete a MEF Grant Application.
  3. Any application containing a technology component must contain the following information:
    • A written plan that explains how this item will be integrated regularly into instructional practices and learning activities.
    • If the grant item requires installation of any kind (mounting, electrical installation, data cabling, etc.) then the grant application budget must also include the costs of the installation, whether or not the application is requesting funds for the application (i.e. if other sources are funding the installation).
    • If the implementation of the grant depends upon training, the cost of training must also be included in the grant application budget.
  4. Obtaining all required signatures is the responsibility of the applicant. Utilize the routing page found on the last page of the application. Please allow two weeks for interoffice mail routing.
  5. Completed applications should be sent to the Business Administrator by the deadline.  Note: Incomplete applications will not begin the review process unless revised and re-submitted prior to the deadline.
  6. Applications are brought to the MEF Grants Committee for review and discussion. If necessary, a member of the MEF Grants Committee or MEF Board of Trustees will be assigned as a liaison to the applicant.
  7. After reviewing the grant, the assigned liaison may contact the applicant for additional information regarding the grant application.
  8. The MEF Grants Committee reviews the grant and decides whether the grant meets  the requirements for recommendation to the MEF Board of Trustees. (Approved grants may be fully or partially funded.)
  9. The MEF Grants Committee will present the recommended grants to the MEF Board, which will vote to approve grant recommendations.
  10. Certain projects may also require the approval of the Board of Education.
  11. The grant applicant will be notified of the approval or rejection of the grant within five business days of the vote.  Note: Once a grant is awarded, the total amount of the grant cannot be changed.
  12. Funds are available for twelve months from the date of approval. Grant recipients must submit a written request for extension of the twelve month period (including an interim project report and explanation of delay) to the MEF Board of Trustees.
  13. Grant recipients are required to provide MEF with an evaluation of the project within  one month of the completion of the grant.
  14. Grant recipients are required to include the following statements when publicizing, discussing or implementing a grant: “This project is [partially/fully] funded by a grant from the Moorestown Educational Foundation.



Application Deadline                                                         MEF Board Review and Vote

March 15th (extended to April 15th for 2021)                     May

October 15th                                                                           December

*Please note that the Moorestown Education Foundation is a volunteer organization and while we make every effort to maintain our meeting schedules, these dates may change due to personnel availability. We will notify you in advance if our vote date changes for any reason.

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