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The Moorestown Education Foundation is partnering with Moorestown Township Public Schools and Moorestown Township to create Moorestownopoly to celebrate our public schools and our town. This game, based on the well-known game of Monopoly, will feature local businesses and organizations in and around Moorestown. We are offering your business a special opportunity to be a sponsor of this Limited – Edition Moorestownopoly board game.

Why Sponsor?

  • Permanent advertising in the homes of hundreds of Moorestown families.
  • Recognition for supporting our schools and our town.
  • Help MEF’s mission to fund innovative, unique educational programs that enhance the learning for MTPS students.

Sponsorships are available at various price points:

  • Game sponsor (name on center of board, name on box top) – $10,000
  • 2 Card decks (14 cards/deck) – $5000 each
  • 4 Corner properties – $3000 each (Sold Out!)
  • 2 Properties (on board, w/deed card with highest values) – $2500 each (One Left!)
  • 26 Properties (on board, 20 property spaces w/deed and 4 Railroad/Silhouette spaces w/card and 2 utilities with cards) – $1000 each
  • 6 Properties (on board no card, 6 draw a card) – $500 each (Sold Out!)
  • 2 Other (Car fine/property tax on board no card) – $300 each
  • 28 Representation on playing card (sponsor name on text of game card) – $200 each
  • 6 Token sponsors recognition on box bottom – $1,000 each

Moorestownopoly Order Form

Spaces can only be sold ONCE so make sure you respond EARLY. Deadline is December 1,
. Please complete the sponsorship form to secure your spot! For questions, contact Caryn Shaw at